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Are you overwhelmed trying to move your business forward and don’t know where to start?

Manya Arond-Thomas & Company works with executives, managers, health care leaders and organizations nation-wide, who don’t have the effectiveness they need to get the results they want.

Perhaps you’re finding you’re having trouble keeping your employees and talent?
Are you stressed by having to do more and more with less and less?
Maybe you’re uncertain about what’s needed to take you, your team or organization to the next level and how you’ll get there?

At Manya Arond-Thomas & Company, we work with people who recognize that leadership skill is the single greatest driver of change management leading to high performance, whether you’re looking at personal development, team development, or organizational effectiveness. However they don't always have the vision, the strategy, or the execution skills, tools, and processes to get to where they want to go.

Through our coaching and consulting, we boost your business performance and leadership skill through personal and team development with tools and processes that let you build on your strengths, manage your limitations, and successfully navigate and execute change management in today’s turbulent times.

We believe that the greatest leverage occurs when you simultaneously hold the multiple perspectives of your professional and personal development with what you want to create in your business and networks. We help you weave together all the elements necessary to ensure the strength, integrity, and sustainability of the results you want to create.

Manya Arond-Thomas, the founder and president of Manya Arond-Thomas & Company, brings over two decades of experience in human and systems development to her work as an executive coach, consultant, trainer, and facilitator. Trained initially as a physician, her coaching approach offers a powerful perspective on the integration of individual performance, personal development, change management and well being, with business results.

Please browse through our web site to learn more about who we serve, our approach and our services. Then, when you’re ready for a change, contact us to explore further how we might assist you in creating the results you want.

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